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Late 2015, the Secretariat of the WUAA, at the invitation of the Qatar government, sent a technical team to the country, carried out experiment on dessert fertilization with f micro soil bio-remediation technology, launch a pilot project on comprehensive dessert remediation, and applied the high efficiency agricultural facility and micro seedling, planting technologies, in order to realize the goal of high efficiency water conservation. In February, 2016, the above pilot project came to completion, and the technical team went on with seed planting and seedling. In March, 2016, the seeds of fifteen plants including H. ammodendron, alfalfa and licorice all came to sprouts, and soon turned the experimental field into the appealing green-land. In June, 2016, Qatar went through the hottest summer ever in history, the surface temperature reached a historical record of around 60 degrees F. which would normally make the plants difficult to stay alive. However, the experimental field was bursting with flowers of all colors, the plants were growing nicely, creating a piece of green scenery which was rarely seen deep in the dessert.

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